Wednesday, 1 August 2012

My little townhome love!

So I have decided to begin a blog.
My bestie (who blogs at sweetieandjoy) - with whom my weekly phone dates have been extending to two- and three-hour marathons since the advent of homes, husbands, children, and other grown-up-type life things - has been telling me for ages that I should start a "Mommy blog," to which I have always replied "Right, in all that spare time I have." But why not? I've got all these useless hours overnight that I'm just WASTING on sleep (when I'm not frantically trying to cram in some housecleaning or nursing the baby or escorting one of the other children to and from the washroom - not because they need my help, simply because they'd prefer my company). Why not blog?

My little mommy blog is going to be about life, lived well, on little more than love. Life can be lived well without all the extra stuff. All you need is happiness.

I have such a wonderful life. Truly.
I love my husband. I am married to the man of my dreams - literally, the man of my dreams. The guy that I lusted after in high school from afar, who when I met and married him many years later post-disastrous-divorce I actually couldn't believe my luck - the sweetest, kindest, smartest, sexiest, most creative, generous, loving man I've ever known.
I love my kids. We have the three most beautiful, incredible children who amaze me every time I turn around with their sweetness, their cleverness, their incredible sensitivity and capacity to love, and who fill my days with so much joy and laughter and love it actually makes my heart hurt.

I love our house. It's the homiest little home. Just a teeny-tiny little townhome - but it's the only home I've lived in out of...(dear God I've lost count, having moved every two years since heading off to university I-don't-want-to-tell-you-how-many years-ago) that has really and truly felt like home in that warm, fuzzy, this-is-where-I-belong and all-I-need-in-the-world-is-right-here kind of way.
I love our neighbourhood. We live in a perfect little Pleasantville - I can't even explain to you how perfect this little slice of the world is.  It's the sort of neighbourhood that only exists in movies of 1950's small-town-suburbia - children bike riding of an evening, dads grillling on the barbecue, neighbours gathering in clusters on the road and in the park, sidewalk chalk painting great swaths of the narrow tree-lined streets in pink and yellow and green and blue, lululemon-clad stay-at-home-moms pushing strollers with cooing babies through the carefully maintained trails of the nature preserve whose paths wind through and around this peaceful little slice of suburban heaven. Teenagers, walking by, look you in the eye and smile politely or say hello. Neighbours you've never met before turn off the lawnmower for a few moments' chit-chat when you pass. Park moms invite you for coffee and swap backyard playdate invites. A noisy evening means the sounds of children laughing and calling out and the rustle of the wind in the trees, not sirens or traffic or loud music. This town, this neighbourhood, is Pleasantville - and, to me, it's perfect.

And, to top it all off, I'm lucky enough to get to enjoy this incredible life all day every day because although I am a working mom - I own a small fitness company - I am able to run my business from my own home and take care of the administrative end of things from home, at night, on my own time after the children go to bed on my teeny-tiny little laptop.  I get to be a stay-at-home mom without having to sacrifice the perks of a second income.

I have the most amazing life. Though I am not wealthy, I am rich in every way that matters; and I am thankful every day for everything that I have.

So - in short - after a very rambling, lengthy introduction - this blog will be about house and home, family and children, and life lived well on little more than love. 

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