Friday, 28 September 2012

Apple picking at the farm!

apple picking, apple farm, pick-your-own apples
Nothing signals fall for this family more than our annual autumn trip to the apple orchard.There's something so perfectly "fall" about the family apple picking trip. It happens during that two weeks in September when it feels really properly fallish - cool and crisp enough for sweaters and hats, but still sunny and bright enough that we can be outside all afternoon. The trees have just started to turn brilliant oranges and golds, but only a few scatter the ground beneath our feet.

We've been taking the kids every year since they were babies, and it's one of our favourite annual family traditions. Wagon rides, corn maze, pumpkin patch, climbing the haystacks and feeding the goats and exploring the rows upon endless rows of apple trees. Climbing to the tops of the trees, swinging from the branches like monkeys, filling our bags past stuffed and eating more apples in an afternoon than we'd normally have in a month. There's something so tangy and refreshing about a crisp, juicy apple picked right off the tree, polished on your sleeve, and eaten right there in the field under the sun.

And eating ends up being the focus of the trip in the end, although our afternoon at the farm is always tons of fun - because what do we do with all those apples once we get them home?

Apple pie, apples and cinnamon, baking
Exactly. That's the best part:

Apple pie, apple crisp, apple tart, apple-cinnamon upside-down cake, baked apple bites, homemade apple sauce, apple cider - almost everything we make has apples in it for the next few weeks.


As soon as we get home from the farm the first apple pies are prepared. The kids love to help with the baking, and the kitchen is a flour-filled mess. Then the house fills with the oh-so-autumn scent of hot apple-cinnamon, and we wait, salivating, for the first taste of this fall's harvest.

Nothing is more delicious than that first slice of warm, spicy sweet gooey goodness still hot from the oven and fresh from the farm just hours earlier.

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