Friday, 7 September 2012

Baby's new big-boy bed

He's not yet a year old, but we decided to put Baby in a big-boy bed. I know it seems young, but this is a kid who was crawling at five months and walking at nine months. At eleven months now, he's just not willing to be contained in what I'm pretty sure he sees as a cage.

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Realistically speaking, he's never spent a full night in his crib anyway. By the second or third night-time wake-up I usually move him into our bed - it's just easier. Easier to nurse, easier to sleep (both for Baby and for me), and more comfortable for Baby, I'm sure - Mommy and Daddy are much warmer, softer and more malleable when he kicks than those wooden crib slats. But I wouldn't mind a few consecutive hours' sleep every now and again, and I wouldn't say no to some alone time with my husband. So off to Ikea we went to buy Baby his first big-boy bed to match the rest of his bedroom set.

kid's furniture, kid's bedroom, blue bedroom
I love Baby's bedroom. I have been obsessed with the exaggerated, cartoony lines and bright colours of the Ikea Mammut bedroom set since before I even had kids - it's very Dr. Seuss. But when my eldest graduated to his first big-boy bed my grandparents gave us a pair of hand-me-down antique twin bedframes for him and his brother - which were beautiful (and, almost as importantly, free!) but definitely would not look right in my dream room of bright blue molded plastic. So when Baby came along I was very excited to put together my - I mean his - perfect little boy's room.

It's perfect. I love it. And so does Baby.

His first night in his new bed he slept for four consecutive hours. FOUR. Without a wake-up. FOUR HOURS! Last night was nearly five hours. And just today, this little boy who never naps stopped in the middle of playing puzzles, crawled up on to his bed, popped his thumb in his mouth, gave me a big sweet sleepy smile and fell fast asleep with his head on his pillow and his rear end sticking up in the air.

Some mothers might feel a few pangs about passing this milestone, possibly shed a few tears over the end of another part of babyhood. Not me. I got an entire evening to hang out with my husband, just the two of us. We went to bed, together, alone - just the two of us. I even got a couple of hours' sleep in a row. And Baby took almost an hour long nap during the day of his own volition.

Operation big-boy bed: success!

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