Monday, 17 September 2012

Little corners

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Reading corner
When you live in a small space you need to plan your space very carefully - particularly when there are a half-dozen (or so it sometimes seems) children living in that space with you. Not just for seating and storage and all that practical stuff, but for aesthetics. I don't just mean proper furniture placement and neatly styled shelves, either, although those are important too; you need to create little corners of happiness in your house. Little vignettes that will fill you with pleasure every time you look at them, or sit in them, or use them.

shelf styling, clean lines, family photos, favourite things, pottery, black and white photography
Living room corners
shelf styling, clean lines, family photos, favourite things, pottery, glassware, black and white photography
Our home is tiny, but it doesn't feel small. We are cozy, not cramped. And every square inch of our house is put to good use. Of course, planning and organizing are my favourite hobbies - some (like my husband) might say obsessions - so getting to furnish, decorate and style a home is pretty much my idea of heaven. The furniture placement was laid out in advance on a little graph paper diagram and fit to the inch. We did a massive purge of "stuff" before we moved in (how we even had stuff to purge, I'm not sure, since I am perpetually getting rid of anything we haven't used in the last, say, year) so there'd be no wasted space, even in cupboards, and I am incredibly picky about what and how much goes out on shelves since I hate the look of clutter. The kids' stuff (which, let's be honest, takes up about ninety percent of the space in our house) all has its place, either in furniture-look storage bins and benches in the living room or in the uber-organized playroom in the basement.

And because everything has its place and we keep nothing we don't need or want or use, we have more than enough space to live comfortably and enjoy all the little corners of our happy little home.

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Bar corner
antique bench
Front entrance corner
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Kitchen art shelf