Monday, 29 October 2012

Baby's first birthday

kids birthday
I can't believe our Baby boy is one year old already!

On his birthday morning his brothers ran in to wish him a happy birthday, jumping up and down on the bed with excitement and smothering him with hugs & kisses. Baby giggled and clapped his hands in glee, no idea what all the excitement was about.

The first birthday, like the first Christmas, is really more for the parents - twelve-month-old children really have no idea what's going on with all the balloons and singing and colourful gift-wrapped toys, other than that whatever it is seems like fun.

They also think playing in dirt is fun.

Thank goodness for Baby's big brothers, whose excitement made the week's worth of work shopping and cooking and baking and decorating well worth the effort. The boys and I plastered the house with balloons and ribbons and streamers and the well-loved Happy Birthday sign. Baby kept pointing to the bunches of balloons everywhere and laughing, probably trying to figure out why I was redecorating.

We had one party just for us, with frosted cupcakes and presents and dinner out at a restaurant. Baby was very interested in the tissue and wrapping paper and gift bags; much less so in the actual gifts. Of course, he's a little more jaded than your average one-year-old; we have more toys in this house for our three boys than most daycare centres. We would probably have done just as well if we'd bought a whole bunch of Mickey and Thomas and Pooh gift bags and just stuffed them with reams and reams of brightly coloured tissue.

But that wouldn't have been nearly so much fun for the rest of us.

The big party for the whole family was on the weekend - almost twenty people crammed into our little living room (I have a huge family; fortunately my husband's family is only his mother and brother so we just cram them in with the rest of us.) It was a great big mess of food and drink and family and fun, gifts and ribbons and balloons and streamers and paper and tissue and toys and a half-dozen children underfoot. Dozens of conversations going on all at once, too many kids to keep track of all wound up on too much sugar, too many toys on the floor, and too much food (it's impossible to guess how much food to make for a group that big!)
birthday cake, kids birthday cake
I made a Mickey Mouse cake for Baby, but we couldn't convince him to blow out his candle - fortunately his big brothers were happy to help.

Baby may not have really understood what was going on, but for the rest of the family it was an excuse to celebrate and we all had a blast making a memory to mark Baby's first birthday.

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