Monday, 15 October 2012

Living room before & after

We absolutely adore our comfy-casual living room now that its makeover is almost complete. 

Living room - BEFORE

Living room makeover, warm colours, organized shelves, wood floors,
Living room - AFTER
So here's how it looked when we first bought the house (These "before" pics are from the house listing - the poor taste belongs to the previous owner, not us.) Was that purple paint on the walls, you ask? No, actually, it was grey - which I also happen to hate, but obviously not nearly so much as purple - it just happens that this particular shade of grey somehow looked lilac when the light shone on it a certain way. And the whole house was painted this colour - the whole house, top to bottom, every single room. Painful.                                                                                
Obviously, painting was the first thing we did. We replaced the purply-grey with the warm, beachy golden-beige Brazil Nut throughout the entire main floor and all the open areas. Much warmer, happier and homier.                                                  
We pulled out the carpet, too. I am not a fan of wall-to-wall carpet - I think it looks kind of dated, plus there's the grossness of years and years of dead skin cells and dust mites that just won't vacuum up lying in layers under there. Oh, and it too was grey. I really do not like grey. We replaced it with a beautiful mid-tone walnut floor that looks just perfect.

Furniture placement was tricky. We didn't want to overcrowd the room, and nothing drives me nuts more than clutter. But we are a family of five, and this is a very small home. We need enough seating, we need to be comfortable, and we need enough space for all our stuff. Some of our furniture does double duty - that leather ottoman opens up and houses all our movies and the brown sueded boxes in the reading corner are filled with board games. Yes, we have a lot more in the room than the previous owner - but, unlike many people, we actually use our living room for living. It's where we watch TV and the kids play the Wii; it's where forts get built and board games played; it's where husband and I sit to enjoy a glass of wine and a movie after the kids go to sleep. 

Being on a budget, we've done all of the work on the house ourselves, which means that projects that should have taken days have stretched on for weeks and sometimes months. I can't count how many nights we were up until 2:00am, me sixteen feet up on a ladder with a paintbrush or putty knife in hand while Husband hammered away at the floor; but now that it's all finished we couldn't be happier.

Living room, seating, shelves
Reading corner

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