Friday, 19 October 2012

Powder room makeover

When we moved into our home, the main floor powder room was painfully bare. Builder basic cheap white toilet. Builder basic cheap white pedestal sink. Builder basic cheap white faucet. Builder basic cheap unframed mirror stuck to the wall. Harsh halogen single-bulb spotlight in the middle of the ceiling. That same gross grey colour the previous owner painted every square inch of the entire house in. The only thing that could really be said for our sad little powder room was that the previous owner didn't impose his lack of taste on the room in any way. He didn't impose anything on the room. It was as bare as a prison cell.

Powder room after
A couple of trips to Home Depot, a new vanity, sink and faucet, a new mirror and light fixture, and several rolls of a gorgeously rich textured wallpaper and voila - brand new powder room. A couple of warm, cozy touches and it's gone from a room I wouldn't even set foot in to a room I love. Well, as much as one can love a bathroom.

Powder room before

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