Monday, 6 August 2012

Precious moments

There are so many moments when your kids are young.
I just hope I can hold on to these memories when they are all grown-up.

The big ones are easy, and usually well-documented (those readers that know me know that I am a leeeeetle obsessive about photographing everything) - the family vacations, the birthdays, Christmas morning, family get-togethers, camping and cottaging, family field trips and special excursions.

But it's the little moments - the ones you almost don't even think about - those precious moments that make you feel warm and cozy and just oozing love and happiness - that can slip by before you notice.

The weekend mornings playing board games around the kitchen table, when everyone is still shlumping in their jammies at 11am and everyone is happy and relaxed and comfy and well-fed and no-one has to rush anywhere for any reason. The walks home from school every afternoon, when the boys all have kisses and hugs for each other and slip their little hands into mine and we walk across the street from the school and through the tree-lined path home and they tell me all about their day. The times I just sit and watch them playing together, in awe at the incredible bond they have with each other - finishing each other's sentences and stringing out a story while they play pretend, each picking up the other's thread and carrying it on and out. When they say, "Mommy, remember when...?" at some little snippet of memory I'd forgotten about, a moment in time that's embedded itself in their minds and their memories that brings tears to my eyes. Our after-dinner walks through the neighbourhood trails when husband and I walk hand-in-hand while the kids bike on ahead and we can hear their laughter echoing back at us, the sun setting over the water of the pond in our perfect little Pleasantville paradise. The mornings when the kids all climb into our bed and want nothing more than to snuggle. The bedtime talks when I find out all the things that go on in their heads. When I tiptoe into their rooms late at night and watch their sweet, smooth faces as they sleep.

These moments are so precious, and fill me with so much love and happiness it actually breaks my heart.

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