Monday, 19 November 2012

Bringing art to life (a special stuffy for my special boy)

I can't take credit for this idea - I originally saw it on Pinterest courtesy of Child's Own Studio and thought it was the cutest idea ever. What a wonderful gift for a child, and what a wonderful way to capture and preserve their special brand of childhood creativity forever!

This mompreneur started a business out of a craft she created for her son, turning one of his drawings into a "softie" (we call them "stuffies" in our house). I think this is a brilliant idea - both clever and adorable beyond words. Unfortunately, also expensive beyond words. I desperately wanted to order some for my boys, but though I'm sure the cost is absolutely justified given the time involved in creating one of these works of art, it was simply outside my budget.

Then I thought I might try it myself. I had drawings in mind that each of my older boys had done when they were younger, so I pulled them out, made a list of supplies, and headed over to the craft store.

I am not the craftiest person in the world. Nor am I the greatest seamstress. But some coloured felt and wool and embroidery floss, pipe cleaners and pompoms and cotton stuffing - and an absolutely obscene number of late-night hours spent planning, snipping, sewing, and stuffing - I have finished the first one.

I am inordinately proud of this little stuffy and absolutely cannot wait to give it to my boy - but I'm going to have to, since his brother's isn't made yet! Hopefully I can manage to finish the next one by Christmas so they can both have a special surprise from Mommy under the tree.

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