Friday, 9 November 2012

Christmas bling

gold and silver Christmas decorations
I didn't manage to hold off until December first this year.

Last weekend I was going through the box of Christmas ornaments inventorying what we had and what we'd need for decorations this year. And I got over-excited. So I ended up decorating. 

red and gold Christmas decorations
With the exception of the tree (we get a real tree every year, so can't get it before December first unless we want a pathetic Charlie Brown-esque twig standing in our living room by the time Christmas rolls around) the house is now dressed for Christmas. This year it's all gold and sparkles - it's our Christmas bling!

Christmas bling

Every corner of the house is hung with gold balls and a gold wired ribbon and has a sexy, glittery, sixties-style gold Christmas tree or two. Next weekend we'll finally be able to put up the tree and our house will be all blinged out!
Christmas decor
Christmas ornaments, Christmas decorations

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