Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Christmas decor

Christmas lights, outdoor lighting, Christmas decor
Green garland with white lights
This year, instead of the assorted mish-mash of Christmas items we've collected over the years, I am finally going to have the coherent, themed Christmas decor I've always longed for. After hours of scouring the internet for ideas and an afternoon digging through the Christmas box to inventory what we have, I think I've settled on a plan.

Green garland with white twinkle lights everywhere - at the front door and over the fireplace and wound around all the railings and pillars.

dining room Christmas decor, parsons chairs, red bows, Christmas decorations
Festive bows on parsons chairs

Big red bows on the front door and the backs of the leather parsons chairs in the dining and living room. Small gold and silver ornaments hanging from the centre of the bows instead of that pinecone cluster.

Christmas garland on stair rails
Green garland with white lights

Gold and silver and red will be the theme this year with lots of lush greenery. Sparkly balls dripping from every mirror and spilling out of every glass bowl. Little white twinkly lights reflecting off of every surface all season long.

Our house will be beautifully coordinated in its holiday decor this year and look like one of those Christmas magazine spreads I have always envied so much.

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