Friday, 16 November 2012

Winter Wonderland snowflake craft

winter wonderland paper snowflakes, kids crafts

Paper snowflakes are always a fun and easy winter craft to do with the kids. My Grade One made one of these 3D snowflakes at school and wanted to make some for home - so, as usual, we went overboard.

It's a winter wonderland!

3D Snowflakes:
You will need:
     8 sheets of paper

1. Fold paper down from corner into triangle to find the square.

2. Cut off excess paper; fold triangle once more.

3. Make two cuts from the side with the single fold along the longest side of the triangle.

4. Unfold paper and lay flat.

5. Curl in the points of the innermost cuts and tape together.

6. Turn paper over, curl in the points of the second set of cuts and tape together.

7. Turn paper over again, curl in the points of the outer set of cuts and tape together.

8. Repeat steps 1 - 7 eight times.

9. Staple paper shapes together in a row (all eight).

10. Staple all eight shapes together at their points to form a snowflake shape!

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