Monday, 17 December 2012

Bringing art to life again: another special stuffy

I've finally finished Little T's special homemade stuffy, just in time to go under the tree for Christmas.

I started this project a few months ago with a couple of my boys' favourite drawings.

I created this five-eyed monster stuffy out of a drawing my older son made when he was six - it took absolutely forever and I was ridiculously pleased with myself when it was finished. But I couldn't show  it to him until I had one to give to his brother, so it's been hiding on the top shelf of my closet since I finished it over a month ago. See "Bringing art to life (a special stuffy for my special boy)"

Little T's purple-haired creature, now finally finished, was created from a drawing he did when he was five. I can't wait for my boys to see their artwork brought to life in a special stuffy made by Mommy when they open their gifts Christmas morning!

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