Monday, 28 January 2013

Sports-themed boys' room

My boys are getting older, as tends to happen, and their tastes are changing and growing with them. Like many little boys, they're super into sports - especially soccer. So I wanted to bring that into their bedroom decor. They're getting a little too big for, say, a wallpaper border with cartoony footballs and baseballs and soccer balls; they don't follow any professional teams particularly, so athlete posters or team logos wouldn't work; and, as always, we're on a budget so I didn't want to go crazy with a massive decor overhaul.

kids bedroom decor, boys bedroom decor, hanging sports jerseysOperating on the "work with what you already have" principal, I went sifting through the kids' closet and the stuff we have stored in the crawlspace. It took about seven seconds before my eyes fell on the stack of jerseys way up on the top shelf. Paid for as a part of their (very expensive) team fees every season, well-worn and well-loved for the few months of the season and then replaced by the next team's jersey a couple of months later, never to be touched again. We keep these jerseys for sentimental value, but we don't ever see them when they're folded neatly away and piled up on the highest shelf of a closet. Why not pull them out and display them somehow?

vanity wall, sports trophies, sports-themed decor, kids bedroom decor, boys bedroom decorSports bars have star athletes' jerseys hanging on their walls for theme and decor - why not a kids' bedroom? They are our little superstars. (Is it wrong that I'm using pub decor as the inspiration for my little boys' bedroom?) So - after a little bit of obsessing over how to organize them and an afternoon with push-pins, we now have a "vanity wall" of our little athletes' sports careers to date. A small shelf for their trophies, a pinboard for their medals, and a collection of their team photos - and voila! We have a sports-themed bedroom for our little soccer (and sometimes baseball) superstars.

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