Monday, 25 February 2013

A little bit of beach at home

My parents sold the family cottage this fall. The cottage has been a part of our family's summer memories since I was a kid, and has been an important part of my older kids' memories too. We've had  a lot of great times there - long weekends hanging out with my parents and brothers, great big family dinners with my grandparents and all the aunts and uncles and cousins, entire days spent on the beach building sandcastles and swimming and lazing in the lounge chairs, catching butterflies in the dunes, swimming out to the big rock and back, breakfasts in the courtyard and afternoon drinks on the deck, barbecues and walks on the beach and trips to the ice cream shop. There are so many years of memories of lazy summer days. The cottage was such a happy place for us, and even more so for our boys.

So we brought a little bit of the cottage home with us.

A little piece of locally-made pottery the exact colour of the water on a sunny summer's day. A handful of the soft sand and some grasses from the dunes. A couple of seashells the boys picked up on our beach walks. And we have our own little piece of the beach where we spent so many happy summer hours right here at home, proudly displayed on the shelf in the boys' bathroom.

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