Friday, 15 February 2013

Valentines Day

We make a big deal out of all holidays around here, even the ones that don't mean anything. Valentines Day is a fun one because a celebration of love can be both a family-centred celebration during the day and a date night for couples after sundown.
Valentines Day, kids, hearts

Our Valentines Day started on the first of February - every morning my boys woke up to an "I love you because..." heart on their bedroom door. Such a little thing, but it made them feel so special.

Valentines Day, school lunch, hearts, kids

When we came downstairs for breakfast this morning there was a note from my husband (already on his way to work) and a special Valentine stuffy at each boy's seat. I packed a special Valentine lunch for school - heart-shaped sandwiches, veggies, and cookies - with a Valentine note from Mommy for a lunchtime surprise.

Valentines Day, cookies, hearts, chocolates

Baby and I spent the day baking, assembling and decorating these edible heart-shaped cookie boxes filled with Valentine chocolates and had them waiting for the older boys when they got home from school.

Valentines decor, crafts, kids crafts, hearts

The kids made the decorations - "stained glass" crayon-and-wax-paper hearts hanging in the windows and pipe cleaner hearts on the table and chairs.

Valentine's Day decor
Our family Valentines dinner was lasagna (because, you know, it's red...) with heart-shaped crescent rolls and salad with heart-shaped veggies. (Mommy did a lot of cutting last night.) Dessert was strawberry ice cream with heart-shaped strawberries. Nothing fancy, nothing too elabourate, nothing absurdly expensive. But it made the boys feel special and loved and helped to make a family memory.

And now the kids have gone to bed and my husband and I can have our own Valentine's Day celebration.

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