Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Impromptu playroom redo

Home decor, playroom organization, toy organization, brown drapes

I am sooo happy with our impromptu little playroom redo!

Home decor, playroom organization, toy organization, brown drapes

The playroom hasn't been changed since we moved in a year and a half ago - we literally dropped the furniture and toys in to the existing room and haven't touched it since. The entire rest of the house has been redone - all new paint, all new light fixtures, all new appliances, we tore out the carpet and installed wood floors, we painted the pickets and stairs, we pulled out cabinets and reconfigured the kitchen.

home decor, playroom organization, toy organization
Playroom before

It's not that we particularly liked the decor in the playroom - there was yet more of that icky cold blue-grey the previous owner painted throughout the house, a light grey carpet, and (wait for it...) vertical blinds across both the large double window and the enormous sliding door. That's right, vertical blinds. Like, 1984 rec room vertical blinds. I actually rather hated the look of the playroom. But it's separated from the rest of the house enough that we don't see it from every other room, and somehow I've just managed to ignore it.

We had no plans to redo the playroom at any point in the near future - we're installing a new walkway and garden in the front yard and two new decks in the backyard this spring, so that's where our renovation dollars and energy are going this year. The project sort of started by accident. Almost the entire back wall is glass - a large double window and a sliding glass door - and as such the room can get chilly, particularly in January. Vertical blinds, on top of being hideously unattractive and several decades out of date, do not provide much in the way of warmth or insulation.

The conversation went something like this:
"It's so cold down here. We should put up some nice thick drapes for extra insulation."
"We have those gorgeous brown ones from the old place in the closet. Too bad they wouldn't go."
"Well we could paint. There's leftover paint from the living room."
"Would it look ok with the carpet? It's sort of grey..."
"Wait, is it grey? I think it's kind of off-white, I think it just looks grey with the wall colour..."

Home decor, playroom organization, toy organization
Playroom after

And suddenly there I was with a can of paint and a brush in my hand.

No home project is ever as quick and easy as you think it will be, but as projects go this one was pretty quick and painless and inexpensive. And we're so happy with the results - from a cold, drab, outdated blue-grey space to a warm, bright, cozy space for my angels and I to play in.

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