Wednesday, 26 June 2013

My Ikea home

I love Ikea.

Living on a budget while furnishing and decorating our home to our taste has been challenging, and has taken a long time. But thanks in a large part to the brilliant people at Ikea, we're getting there!

We don't have much in the way of large furniture pieces from Ikea, opting instead to spend a little more money over a lot more time for good, solid pieces that will last a little longer - but there are a few items.

small spaces, home decor
The Expedit shelving unit - on its side - filled with fabric boxes is fantastic storage in our older kids' bedroom. Baby's room is furnished from top to bottom with the Mammut series of kids' furniture - I love the bright, primary colours and the exaggerated, cartoonishly Seussical lines - and if it doesn't last more than a few years, unlike a sofa or an adult's bed, I'm ok with that; Baby will likely have outgrown it by then anyway.

home decor, kids bedroom
home decor, kids decor

small spaces, home decor

The Billy bookcase, outfitted with stainless-steel-framed glass doors, stores our crystal and stemware and acts as a small bar in our dining room.

home decor, comfortable casual

The comfy brown leather chair in our living room - deep and cozy and big enough to curl right up in but with the clean, contemporary lines that we crave - is everyone's favourite seat and it's a battle every night for who gets to sit in the big chair. We went back to buy a partner for it a month or two after getting this one, only to discover that it had been discontinued.

Other than that, though, our Ikea home is more about storage solutions (I'm obsessed with storage and organization - Ikea is like a small slice of heaven for me!) and small decor items. 

home decor, lime green pottery

I've had these cheerful lime pottery pieces for years, which is saying a lot given my aversion to knick-knacks and tchotchkes and shelf clutter in general - the little pop of colour in the living room makes me happy.

This oversize bamboo bowl is the perfect centrepiece on our dark cherry dining table and ties together the maple and bamboo accents we have in our home.

And I have a whole wish list of Ikea items for future purchases!

home decor, shelving, furniture

Our playroom is a masterpiece of organization, but at the moment it's a mish-mash of various shelving units and storage towers and bins and boxes and drawers (yes, most of them Ikea). When the budget permits I'd like to replace them all with a few of the Expedit shelving units like we have in the boys' bedroom - I love the high-gloss red, but may wimp out and get the birch finish instead.
home decor, rug

This sheepskin rug belongs in front of the fireplace in our living room. Kind of kitchy, you say? Yes, yes it is. That's the point.
home decor, decorative bowl

I've been obsessed with this stainless steel bowl for I don't know how long - it's really not my taste, so I don't know why, but I have to have it. It will live on our otherwise empty espresso coffee table - gorgeous.
home decor, vases

And these vases (all but the purple) clustered on a shelf in our otherwise neutral living room will be fabulous - I love the rich, saturated colours and the clean lines.
home decor, basket, storage

I'd like to replace some of the fabric storage boxes we have throughout the house with these coconut palm leaf baskets - so sexy comfy casual.

I think it's time for another field trip to Ikea! My bestie's been doing a little Ikea lusting lately, too, judging by her most recent blog post - so I think we'll have to plan a shopping date soon!

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