Friday, 10 August 2012

Under the Sea pom-pom creature craft

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This is a super fun craft - pom-pom water creatures and an underwater ocean scene!

Homemade pom-poms are a fun and easy craft for little ones old enough to use scissors.

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To make these pom-poms, wrap the end of the wool around your fingers forty times (larger loops for larger pom-poms, smaller loops for smaller pom-poms).
crafts, kids crafts

Carefully slide the loops off your fingers and tie tightly in the middle with a small piece of matching wool.
crafts, kids crafts

Then cut the loops and trim the ends until you're happy with your pom-pom.

crafts, kids craftsWe made a bunch of pom-poms in various sizes and colours, glued on googly eyes, and cut out shapes from coloured paper for fins and claws. Once we had our pom-pom creatures (a lobster, a whale, a shark, an octopus and a school of multi-coloured fish) the boys coloured an ocean scene and decorated it with seashells, crystal gems, glitter and sequins.

crafts, kids crafts

An epic craft for a long, snowy weekend at home!

crafts, kids crafts
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