Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Growing Green (science at home)

My kids are fascinated by gardening and green things and all things that grow. They love helping plant and weed and water the gardens and watch the plants' progress every day. They each have their own tree planted in the backyard and one of their favourite things to do in the spring and summer is take care of the vegetable garden.

After a fairly meager crop last summer we decided to get a head start on the growing season this year by planting most of our veggies and herbs from seed in teeny-tiny pots indoors. The kids were ecstatic.

We gave each boy a pot, soil, and seeds for the herb of his choice and we made a science experiment of it, recording their observations each day as they cared for and watched their plants grow. They were so eager to check on the plants' progress each day, and I've rarely seen them so excited as the day those first little baby shoots of green poked through the soil.

Unfortunately, this project was about three weeks in when we left for a week's vacation. We sent the cat to my brother-in-law's and the fighting fish were being fish-sat by the boys' best friends, but we simply didn't think to get plant-sitters. The herbs weren't very happy when we got back from Florida and despite repeated attempts to revive them over the last couple of weeks it doesn't look like any amount of water, sun, or aerated soil is going to help.

So we failed on the plant-growing front. But as a project for the kids this was a lot of fun and a definite success - and we can always plant more seeds.



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