Friday, 22 March 2013

Newspaper chair (science at home)

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Middle child came home from school one day a couple of months ago bubbling over with excitement about the Scientist in the School program they'd had that day to augment the "Structures" unit his Grade One class has been working on. A scientist came in and worked with the class to create a chair out of nothing but newspaper - and it was strong enough for them to sit on! He couldn't stop talking about it and wanted us to make one ourselves, so we've been diligently collecting and saving our newspapers since January and finally had enough this week to give the project a try.

Newspaper and tape are all you need for this project! We wrapped tightly rolled sheets of newspaper with masking tape (just over one hundred of them!) then bound the rolls together for the seat and legs. The back is just for show. It's more of a stool than a chair, I suppose - but it does, in fact, support our weight. Pretty cool!

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