Monday, 18 March 2013

Vacation memory jar

I hate little trinkets and tchotchkes cluttering up the home - but memories are memories and we want the memories of our precious family moments surrounding us. Our annual March Break trip to Disney World has become such an important part of our family history that I wanted a little something (other than the kazillion or so photos) to remind us of one of our favourite places on earth between vacations each year.

So I made this little vacation memory jar.

pirate souvenirs, Disney souvenirsFor us, a Disney vacation means pirates and the beach - we stay at the pirate-themed Caribbean Beach Resort and sleep in pirate ship beds, we spend our days soaking up the sun on the beach and playing at the shipwreck splash pad and pool, we dress up in the pirate gear we've accumulated as souvenirs over the years for our days at the Magic Kingdom, and the highlight of the theme park is the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and Jack Sparrow's Pirates League.

A couple of handfuls of sand imported from our beach at the resort. A couple of favourite seashells scavenged from the water's edge. The sword the kids received on check-in at the resort. A pirate eyepatch and bandanna from the boys' Pirates League makeover. And a pirate Mickey with a gold hoop earring on those signature big black ears.

Vacation memories to last us all year!

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