Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A little stone, a lot more curb appeal

Before - bare and ugly
The front entrance to our home has always been a bit of an eyesore.

We live in a three-story walk-up townhome, so instead of a welcoming front entrance with a cozy little porch or a seating area with a garden and a pathway up the front lawn we have a tiny little patch of grass next to the driveway and a large brick wall in front of the flight of concrete steps waaaaay up to the front door. Because it's a townhouse, the utility boxes are all located on the front of the house - gas meter, electrical meter, cable box, random cables and wires and lines. UGLY. It's bothered us since the day we moved in, and we knew exactly what we wanted to to do make it prettier, but it's taken us until now to actually tackle it.

Before - bare and ugly

diy, home improvement, landscaping, interlocking stone, retaining wall
We cut out a couple of inches of the driveway and a chunk of front lawn from the sidewalk up to the garage and installed an interlocking stone pathway-slash-border. The useless corner where the driveway meets the brick wall, concrete stairs, garage door and utility boxes - an ugly utilitarian mess - was transformed into a small garden with a stone retaining wall, the mish-mash of surface finishes hidden and the pipes and cables camouflaged as much as possible - our hope is that they'll be hidden almost completely once the cedar fills out a bit more. A new stone step fixed the too-high first step problem we've always had with the stairs and hid the gap between concrete steps and driveway, and lots of green cedars softened all the brick and stone and warmed up our little front entrance.
retaining wall, interlocking stone, garden, diy, landscaping, home improvement

We're sooo happy with the results - and kicking ourselves for not having done it sooner. One weekend of hard work and a few hundred dollars at Home Depot and our little townhome is now just oozing curb appeal!

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