Monday, 30 September 2013

A little painted glass project

I love decorating my home and I can be fairly creative about doing it on a budget, but I am not the craftiest person on the planet so while some of my little ideas and projects work out exactly as I plan them, some are spectacular fails. This one falls somewhere in the middle.

I took an old framed print that hasn't been on a wall in years but has moved with us from house to house and lived in storage for the last decade - normally my organizational OCD wouldn't allow me to keep something I wasn't using for so long, but while the art is not to my taste I do kind of like the frame. And frames can be expensive.

For this project, disassemble the piece and use the backside of the print to sketch out the letters.

Carefully cut out the shape to create the stencil. Flip the paper over and tape the stencil to the glass with cardboard as a backing. Use lots of tape - you don't want the stencil to be able to move at all or the paint to bleed under. Make sure your stencil is taped on backwards - you want to be painting the backside of the glass.

Using crafter's acrylic paint, carefully paint within the stencil. It dries very quickly so be careful!

Peel off the stencil and do any touch-ups necessary.

Flip the glass over and re-frame. Voila!
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Backpainted glass project

I think this is great idea for a little low-cost home project. (Total cost: nothing! I borrowed the paint and brush from the kids' craft drawer and the framed print was sitting in the closet waiting to be thrown out.) However, I don't have the steadiest hand and am by no means an artist, so it's only ok. Definitely not the sort of thing I'd hang in my living room. But for the kids' empty bathroom wall? Just right! And I think someone much more patient and artistic with a far steadier hand could use this idea to make something really fantastic.

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