Friday, 7 June 2013

Pirate Party!

pirate swag
For Middle Child's 7th birthday he wanted to have a party at home with a pirate theme - so I went over-the top theming it out.

Black and red balloons in every corner I could cram balloons.

Bowls and vases full of sand and seashells and pirate "treasure" on every surface.

Chocolate coins and gold beads everywhere.

Lunch was "pirate ship" hot dogs, "treasure chest" pizza, and a watermelon "shark." 
And of course a tricked-out pirate ship cake.

pirate ship hot doge, watermelon shark

pirate party decorationsEvery kid got a pirate hat and strings of gold beads to wear when they walked in the door. 

For activities we played musical islands in the backyard (like musical chairs, but with "islands" cut out of brown paper) with a pirate sword prize for the winner and everyone decorated their own "pirate chest" to take home. 

The pirate pinata to finish the afternoon was filled with chocolate coin "treasure."

pirate party

At the end of the day the kids left with lots of pirate swag: the hats and beads, the treasure chests they made themselves, pirate stickers and pirate tattoos and a king's ransom in chocolate coin "treasure" in their piratey loot bags.

Pirate party loot bags, pirate decorations, kids party

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