Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Play clay ocean craft

I love this craft because my boys came up with it all on their own. They are obsessed with all things ocean-beach-piratey - their room is an Underwater Pirate Paradise and our annual Spring Break family vacay to the Caribbean Beach resort at Disney World is all pirate-themed.
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One of our favourite epic craft projects, their Under the Sea pom-pom creature craft, sits on permanent display on the craft table in their playroom. Last week they found a couple of unopened packages of play clay in one of the craft drawers and all on their own decided to add to the undersea adventure.

craft, kid's craft, play clay, ocean
A couple of carefully molded play clay fish, an octopus, a shark, a crab, a stingray, a snail, a starfish and an ocean full of pipe-cleaner waves and the project was complete! For now...
craft, kid's craft, ocean

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