Friday, 3 May 2013

Under the Sea bedroom update

Our String bubble craft prompted the boys and I to add a few touches to update their Underwater Pirate Paradise bedroom decor.

Assorted inflatable sea creatures now hang on the wall with their painted fabric ocean murals. 

Inflatable palm trees and "leaf" canopies frame their beds. 

And the moderately successful string bubble hangs from the ceiling.

Middle Child's favourite pirate, pirate's sword and a map of Neverland sit next to his bed and the boys' Beta fighting fish (Sparky and George) are on the dresser between the two beds. His big brother likes to curl up and read at night so his corner is a cozy nook covered in a leaf canopy and some favourite stuffies.

The entrance to their bedroom welcomes buccaneers with a pirate flag, a sea monster, and their Disney Pirates League sashes, swords and photos to prove their pirate mettle.

Such a fun, cozy, Under the Sea pirate fantasy bedroom for two special little pirates!

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