Friday, 28 June 2013

Last day of school

(slash first day of summer vacay)

It's the last day of school.

I have no idea how that crept up so fast!

This morning was a bit of a gong show as on top of the usual flurry of getting-ready-for-school activity we had to organize teacher gifts, make their thank-you cards, and chop up and pack fruit and treats for the class parties. Then we had to leave an extra fifteen minutes early so Baby could walk - in addition to their backpacks the boys were carrying big bags with fruit platters and boxes of popsicles and clutching their homemade cards, and I was loaded down with two enormous baskets of flowers and a half-dozen bottles of wine. (I'm a firm believer in gifts for administrators as well as teachers; I'm also a firm believer in booze as a gift). There was no way anyone could manage a stroller as well. And because Baby wants to do everything his big brothers do, he carried a backpack and a homemade card he'd scribbled, too. It was a slow journey, but we made it for a morning of assemblies and parties before early dismissal at lunchtime.

And then it will be ten weeks of summer vacation. Ten weeks at home, just me and my boys. All three boys. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

I'm looking forward to it - but I'm also a little anxious.

Three kids are a lot of work! And all day long can be a very long time. I've been stay-at-home-mommying for a long time, and I've always had a work schedule that enables me to spend a lot more time with my kids than most parents, but over this last year I've become accustomed to this new weekday routine where it's just Baby and I for five or six hours. It's a bit of a break - caring for and entertaining one little one is nothing compared to three. But now summer vacation has somehow crept up on me and I have less than an hour until school is dismissed for over two months.

I love summer vacations at home with my boys. I love having so much extra special time with them. I love lazy mornings playing board games and building couch forts and doing crafts and watching movies. I love playing soccer and frisbee and sandbox construction in the back and making sidewalk chalk murals on the driveway. I love going on long hikes and bike rides through the neighbourhood and in the ravine. I love playing at the park and exploring the neighbourhood for new and different playgrounds. I love our trips to the splash pad, the botanical garden, the pool and the library. I love our evenings as a family at the soccer field.

We'll have lots of fun field trips to break up the summer, too: the beach, the waterpark, the Zoo, Canada's Wonderland, the Ex, a couple of camping trips. And of course once the boys are actually at home we'll be right back in the swing of things and having a blast and I'll dread them heading back to school in September. But right now I feel like it's definitely going to be a big change.

I've got a make-your-own fajita table set up for when I bring them home and then it's off to the park for the afternoon. Tomorrow will be a picnic and the splash pad. It'll be fun. The summer will fly by. I need to try to cherish every moment - this could be one of my last summers home with the boys before returning to work part-time.

It will be a blast, and I'm so excited to spend every day with my babies.

Happy summer vacation!

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