Friday, 14 June 2013

First Grade Diorama

Middle Child and I have been very busy this last two weeks working on his Grade One animal diorama about the Canadian Lynx.

I'm so proud of my boy.

He worked so hard on this project, researching everything about the lynx and its characteristics, habitat, diet, predators, and offspring. He spent days planning out the diorama and gathering craft supplies and odds and ends of things from all over the house. He dragged the whole family out for a walk through the ravine to gather twigs and branches and pinecones for his forest and rocks for his cave. He spent hours cutting out construction paper for the grass and sky and trees and an entire evening molding the lynx mommy and lynx babies and snowshoe hare (for dinner) from clay. He was so creative, using craft "crystals" from the bottom of the craft drawer to show that the water was icy and torn cotton balls with siler glitter glue to represent snow. He even pulled out some homemade pom-poms leftover from his pom-pom creature craft and glued them to popsicle sticks for different-looking trees.

The next big step is the presentation for his class. He's soooo nervous. My little boy is very shy. I've been studying and practicing with him for a week, and he's done a couple of awesome presentations for the family. He knows his stuff cold - he's a Canadian Lynx expert. (And so am I.) But he's still so nervous. I'm on-the-edge-of-my-seat anxious today as I wait to pick him up this afternoon and hear how it went!

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