Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Old traditions

kids, traditions, water

Family traditions are very important in our family. Almost everything we do is about Making Memories

kids, traditions, farm, horseWe love family field trips to our favourite splash pad, the local farm and petting zoo, Edward's Gardens botanical gardens and hiking trails, and of course the Toronto Zoo, our whole family's favourite.

kids, traditions, water, hiking
kids, vacation, family vacation, traditions, water, Walt Disney World

Our annual Disney vacation is epic and feeds our memories for the full year every year until the next spring break. A cozy family road trip and a whole week together enjoying the sun, sand, beach and pools, rides and adventures of the happiest place on earth.

kids, pirates, pirate makeup, Pirates Leauge, Walt Disney World, family vacation
Disney's Pirates League &
Caribbean Beach Resort

We never miss the local Spring Festival or Fall Fair, the CNE in the summer, or the long holiday weekend festivities at the Town park.

Holidaysbirthdays and special events are always a very big deal and we have our own special traditions for each occasion. Traditions are important.

Traditions become a part of a family's shared identity, history, and memory - and for us, family is everything.

But there's something special beyond words about those traditions that span the generations, those traditions we have with our kids that are the same ones we had growing up.

Because we live close to our hometown, we're able to spend a lot of time there.

Heading down to spend the day on Main Street is one of our happiest ways to spend a summer's afternoon - grabbing an ice cream and strolling up and down Main Street, playing by the fountain, exploring the trails in the woods around the pond, climbing the spider tree, and sometimes sitting on our favourite patio with a plate of nibblies watching the world go by. It's the same Main Street I spent my childhood rollerblading up and down every day, the same fountain behind the library I studied in, the same trails I went bike riding through as a kid, the same patio I used to hang out on as a teenager.

My childhood memories are all tied up in these places,
and I think it's so special that my kids' memories will be, too.

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