Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Lazy summer days

There's something about long, lazy summer days spent at home with my boys that's so special. I wouldn't give up these moments with them for the world - and I'm so grateful that our lifestyle lets me share all these childhood memories with them.

I sometimes get so caught up in constantly planning field trips and special outings and activities that I almost forget that some of our happiest memories are made when we're just lounging about at home.

Lazy mornings curled up in jammies, eating breakfast in the living room and playing board games. Long hikes and bike rides through the neighbourhood ravine and arboretum, exploring the river banks and walking trails and climbing trees. Making massive sidewalk chalk murals on the driveway. Building sand-and-water cities in the sandbox. Kicking the ball around in the yard, slipping out the back gate to play at the park, coming back to cool off in the pool. Setting up the slip 'n slide and sprinkler and busting out the bubble solution for an afternoon of water play. A picnic lunch on a beach blanket in the lawn. Burgers on the barbecue and family dinners on the deck that extend for hours into the evening.

There's nothing better than these long, lazy summer days. The children won't be young forever, and this time with them won't last forever. The memories made in these lazy summer days will last a lifetime.

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  1. Reading your blog reminds me of my own childhood:)