Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Summer camp

Summer camp is such a fun experience for kids. There are so many options - sports camps, arts camps, outdoor camps, computer camps. There are all-day camps, half-day camps, and overnight camps; kids can go all summer or by the week.

For some kids a couple of weeks away from Mom and Dad with a great big group of kids their own age, of sleeping bags and bunkbeds, campfires and s'mores, swimming, hiking, canoeing, exploring and crafting becomes a cherished summertime childhood memory - but some kids wouldn't make it through one night away at an overnight camp. For working parents, day camp is often the slightly-more-active and slightly-more-tailored childcare option while kids are off school for the summer, with children grouped by age and activities geared toward their interests. Specialty camps are a great way for kids to try out new sports or arts activities without the commitment of a whole season, or can be a wonderful opportunity for specialization and extra practice for children who've already found a passion.

My kids do a sports camp every summer. Just half days, and just for one week. It's a soccer camp (obviously) - a couple of hours of active, outdoor play, great extra practice and drills for two little boys passionate about their favourite sport and a little break for them away from Mom.

And, just as importantly, it's a couple of hours a day where I'm down to only one kid to take care of. Practically a vacation.

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