Monday, 26 August 2013

Art wall update

art wall, kids' art

Why hide our kids' artwork away in a box in the basement when we can put them on display where we can enjoy them every day?

We have a couple of favourite pieces out throughout the house, but the real "brag wall" for the kids is in the playroom on our art wall.

I sort through their artwork once a year, purge as ruthlessly as any mom possibly can, and pick out two absolute favourites. These get displayed, gallery-style, on our art wall in the playroom - two pieces for each boy for each year since he was two. Though he's not quite two yet, Baby's first masterpiece is proudly displayed alongside his brothers'.

I love being able to look at and enjoy my little angels' works of art every day - and in a room devoted to children and toys and play, I can't imagine any more appropriate decor for the wall.

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