Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Alone time as adults

My husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary this month.

Although he was on vacation, we didn't manage to spend much in the way of quality alone time together.

He spent the morning picking up groceries for a special dinner he had planned just for the two of us while I took the kids bike riding and to the park. Then he was on kid duty while I went in to work to teach a couple of classes. Dinner was early as we had to race out for soccer practices - two different kids, two different fields - just as it started to drizzle. And when we finally made it home and all back together Baby was determined to keep us company all night, flat-out refusing to even consider bed or sleep.

So we celebrated our anniversary at separate soccer fields in the rain - what a perfect picture of life as parents. Not quite the romantic evening we might have envisioned a few years ago. It's hard to find alone time together as a couple when you have kids!

anniversary dinnerA couple of nights later we tried again, warning the boys ahead of time that we were having a special dinner together just the two of us after they went to bed and begging that they keep the "Mommy, can I..." calls down the stairs to a minimum. My husband spent the entire day cooking me a deliciously decadent roast beef dinner and we had a lovely evening celebrating the anniversary of the day we got married - and counting how many more years until we could have some real alone time. Like when the kids leave for university, perhaps?

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