Wednesday, 11 September 2013

How to know you're done

How do you know if you're done having kids?

When every conversation with your spouse starts with "when the kids are older..."

When those newborn commercials that used to make you wistful and weepy now prompt you to pour another glass of wine.

When the moment your youngest outgrows each bulky baby seat or swing or ride-on toy you've already torn him off it and tossed it at the curb before he can blink.

When you're trying to give away cribs and high chairs and exersaucers and bags of clothes and toys to everyone you see.

When your grocery bills are more than your mortgage payments

When you haven't bought a new outfit for yourself in nine years and "dressing up" means clean yoga pants.

When your garage looks more like a sporting goods store than a place to park a vehicle - how exactly do three kids manage to accumulate that many sleds, bikes, scooters, skates and helmets anyway?

When you have to pile the groceries on the front seat of the car because the trunk is filled with picnic blankets, camping chairs, soccer balls, cleats, shin guards, pop-up nets and sports bags.

When you find yourself humming the Thomas theme in line at the store - and the only songs you can think of to drown it out are from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Jake.

When you've mentally worked out exactly how many days are left until your eldest is old enough to babysit your youngest - and update the countdown every day.

When you're using three forms of birth control and still feel your throat starting to constrict if your period's half an hour later than expected.

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  1. What was your deciding factor to not have anymore children? Was there something in particular that made u stop wanting more kids?

    1. It's not that I don't want more kids. It's more that I'm ready for the baby part of my life to be over - there's lots of factors. I'm 35, and like that I had kids younger. The house we're in has no room for another child, and we're really happy here. My boys are getting older and busier and I'd hate to have less time & attention to focus on them. And my husband and I are ready for some alone time together every now and again! But I do feel wistful sometimes about the idea of not having any more babies...