Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Medieval castle craft

Back-to-school means back to packed classrooms filled with dozens of little germ factories. So by the second week both my school-age boys were down for the count. What do you do with kids stuck home from school once their fever breaks and they're tired of lazing around on the couch?


This one took a few afternoons, with the kids working in shifts as one and then the other spent a couple of days home sick with the flu.

kids' crafts, toilet roll crafts

For this medieval castle we decorated a big cardboard box with as much glitter and gems and sparkle and bling as we could possibly stick on, made turrets from toilet rolls and construction paper and flags from pipe cleaners and paint chips.

kids' crafts, toilet roll crafts, knight craft, princess craft, dragon craft
Then we really got creative with our toilet roll characters - a knight in shining aluminum foil armor, a dragon wrapped in knobbly green wool, and a princess with orange wool hair in a glitter-glued pink felt gown.

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