Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Soccer star birthday

My eldest turned nine years old this month. Nine.

How on earth did that happen already? Wasn't he a brand-new roly-poly squishy little baby boy just yesterday? Where did this tall, lean, lanky kid come from who insists on wearing designer shirts and gel in his hair?

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At nine kids still want a birthday party with their friends but are beginning to outgrow the whole themed party thing, so I couldn't go quite as crazy as I normally do with themed decorations, pinatas, games and crafts. I thought a soccer ball cake would be acceptable (fun, not babyish, and most importantly "cool") as the birthday boy is obsessed with soccer and plays on a rep team. I added soccer ball napkins and plain chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, and decorated with simple black and white balloons and streamers. Instead of loot bags the party guests each took home a new soccer ball - and that was it for theming this year.

The party itself was at an indoor arcade and playplace (birthday boy's choice) and aside from pizza, presents and cake the guests had a fabulous time tearing around with their game tokens and ignoring us entirely.

I'm proud of how strong and confident and independent my little boy is becoming; but it's a little heartbreaking how fast he's growing up!

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  1. I can't believe he's nine! Seriously - when did that happen!? (PS - the chocolate and vanilla cupcakes arranged as a soccer ball? Brilliant!)

  2. Thanks Mel! Definitely one of the easier birthday cakes I've done :)