Friday, 20 September 2013

Tryout season

It's been a few weeks since the summer sports season ended. We had a luxurious couple of soccer-free weekends and over two full weeks of weeknights when we could dawdle over dinner and play in the park or go for a bike ride or snuggle up for a movie before bed each night. No scarfing down meals on the way out the door, no frantic rushing here and there, no schedules to remember or uniforms to wash or equipment to pack. Two weeks.


But that's about it for a seasonal break when you're involved in rep sports. Two weeks off and we're right back at it, busier than ever before.

Both our older boys are trying out for rep soccer for next season. And they're trying out for two different clubs, hoping that if they don't make one team they may make the other. This means that, as a family, we have to attend thirteen hour-and-a-half to two-hour tryouts over a nine-day period - then finals, if they make it. This means that we are back to tearing around town to different fields, sometimes at overlapping or back-to-back times, changing in and out of cleats and shinguards and uniforms hourly over the weekends, hauling Baby back and forth from outdoor field to indoor pitch, desperately trying to keep him entertained and out of the way while still watching our older boys run drills and play practice games, eating at odd times and on the go and giving up completely on any semblance of a family schedule. This means that our boys are excited and nervous and worn off their feet every single day and that Mommy is sick to her stomach with anxiety that one of them might be disappointed, sitting up every night checking email every thirty seconds for that next cut list to be released.

It's not a very relaxing time of year - but I wouldn't have it any other way.

I love watching my boys work so hard and excel at something that they love. I love seeing how much fun they have out on the pitch, training and drilling and practicing to get better. I love seeing how excited they are and how much fun they're having. And I'm so proud that they both want to work toward something that they enjoy so much.

We're almost there - only one more tryout per kid for each club.Then we'll have another two weeks of rest before next season's training begins!

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