Friday, 4 October 2013

Fall Fair (good old-fashioned redneck fun!)

The last weekend of September is the local autumn fair - typical small-town fall-fair-type things, rides and games and junk food vendors, horse shows and craft shows and farm animals and prize-winning produce.

This particular fall fair, however, happens to be the biggest fall fair in the country, and this particular small town happens to be next to the biggest city in the country, so everything is on a much bigger scale than your average local little fair. Our Fair boasts an enormous midway with carnival rides for the kids, endless buildings filled with farm animals for them to pet and feed, and shows and competitions all weekend long - singers and dancers and acrobats and bands, skateboarders and gymnasts, horse shows and cart races and tractor pulls, motocross and monster trucks and a demolition derby.

Our boys have always loved the Fair - learning about animals and agriculture in the farm buildings; exploring the kids' area with hay bale mazes and climbing structures, corn "sandboxes" and play farm equipment; meandering through the animal buildings and petting every horse, cow, pig, sheep, goat, rabbit, chick and duck they can get their hands on; "driving" a real firetruck and "shooting" from a real army tank and going for a ride in a hydro truck's bucket high above the fairgrounds; hours of midway rides and carnival games and cotton candy, caramel corn and freshly fried donuts; pony rides and tractor rides and, at the end of the day, their favourite - a massive demolition derby and monster truck show.

There's something so awesomely redneck about Fair - the smell of farm animals mingled with roasted corn and french fries, the squish-scrunch of mud and straw underfoot, the competing sounds of children squealing and chickens clucking and engines roaring. What a fun way to spend a fall day as a family!

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