Friday, 25 October 2013

How we'll miss those made-up words

There's something so special and heartbreakingly sweet about those made-up words our little ones have when they're just learning to speak, their own interpretations of names and words they can't pronounce and those words they've invented out of the clear blue sky to explain and describe the world around them. But those words disappear so quickly; they grow so fast, they learn so fast, they develop so fast - and of course we want them to. But there's a little ache of loss accompanying the maternal pride each time they outgrow any of their sweet little babyish ways.

Youngest son turned two this week. My brand-new, bouncy little baby boy - two years old already! It's amazing how quickly time flies. I swear I was pregnant not two weeks ago. How could that baby be this big already? This birthday is even more poignant for us with our youngest, now that we've decided our family is finally complete, because with each birthday, each milestone, each developmental step we're moving further away from that baby and toddler stage of our lives.

Some of my favourite little made-up words have been the names that my boys have called one another over the years as the tricky sounds of consonants rolled around their tongues - by far the funniest is our youngest's most recent effort; he calls his eldest brother "Nahnah" and after several variations on his other brother's name he's settled on - wait for it - "not Nahnah."

For years, every time we went out to dinner it was to a "restronot" (you know, where astronauts would eat). Our eldest's favourite food was "kageeze" (cottage cheese), his brother's was "foopfoops" (Fruit Loops) and the youngest likes "balalalars" (granola bars.)

There are even a few as they get older: my Grade Two was telling me just this week that his teacher told him not to write in the margarine - the little pink line that goes down the side of the page. And Baby has recently made up a new all-purpose word, "she-dar" that seems to describe everything he can't pronounce. But every day he's growing and learning and trying so hard to be just as grown-up as his brothers, and every day he can say a new word he's never said before or pronounce a word he couldn't manage before.

It's inevitable, it's a part of growing up, and it's what we want as parents; but as our babies grow and learn and those sweetly lisped little made-up words start to disappear we realize with a pang just how many things we'll miss about these few short baby years.

What were some of your little one's made-up words? Let me know in the comments below!

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