Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Why Moms Need Other Moms

Because other moms are the only ones who get it.

Because no matter how much childless friends "understand" how much work it is to take care of kids, there's still that sense of envy that you don't have to "work," the implied question: "but what do you do all day?"

Because no-one else in the world actually gives a shit the way you think they might about every little thing your precious baby says or does, but another mom will at least hear you out before launching into an equally dull story about her own little angel's exploits.

Because only another woman with two or three or four kids in tow will see you unshowered, braless, wearing what are obviously last night's payjamas and a pair of flip-flops out in public as you trudge your troops to school and think it's perfectly normal.

Because while some days you can run a business, run a home, run the errands, run the carpool, manage the soccer team, raise three kids and find time to squeeze in a workout and write a blog post, some days it's more like, "quick head count - yup, all present - and I remember feeding them today. Parenting success!"

Because someone without kids might judge you for having a glass of wine at 11am the day their grandparents offer to babysit; another mom will help you search for the corkscrew.*

Because sometimes you're like, "Is it bedtime yet? Oh, it's only four-thirty..."

Because only another mom can understand how you can love another human being so much it completely changes you, how they become your entire world and you would cheerfully cut off a limb or kill for them while at the same time wanting to strangle them for five minutes of peace and quiet - and how "you are my heart and soul and universe" and "please shut the fuck up for five bloody minutes" can exist at the same time and in equal measure in your head.

* "Corkscrew": Who are we kidding? Pop the plastic tab on that box of wine and proudly siphon yourself a glass, sister.

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  1. Lol! I checked off every one of these!