Friday, 15 November 2013

Paper snowflake wreath craft

Paper snowflake wreath craft, Christmas craft, kids craft
Paper snowflake wreath

Paper snowflakes are a simple, fun craft for kids.

Here's an idea for turning those snowflakes into a decorative wreath for the holidays.

snowflake craft, Christmas craft, kids craft

1. Construct several 3D paper snowflakes (detailed tutorial and photos here) and traditional folded paper cut-out snowflakes. Let the kids go wild with their designs - the more intricate the better!

2. Lay out the snowflakes face-down, mixing up the 3D folded ones and the flat paper cut-outs.

3. Tape the snowflakes together, making sure not to cover any of the paper openings or cut-outs with the tape (it won't look right otherwise.)

4. Turn the wreath over and sprinkle with glitter. 

5. Hang and enjoy!

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