Friday, 22 November 2013

Toilet roll Christmas crafts for kids

We almost never throw out empty toilet rolls in this house - there's always a craft or construction project in the works. From turkeys at Thanksgiving to bats at Halloween to knights and dragons and medieval castles and anything else our imaginations can invent, we're never short of ideas for craft projects using toilet rolls.

Here are some great ideas for easy, fun Christmas crafts for kids to make and decorate using toilet rolls.

Toilet Roll Christmas Wreath

Toilet roll Christmas wreath craft, Christmas craft, kids craft

1. Cut slits about 1/2 inch apart in several toilet rolls (depending on how large you want your wreath to be) leaving a portion of the toilet roll intact all the way around.

2. Gently bend the toilet rolls at the slits to create a curve. Paint the toilet rolls inside and out.

3. Tape the toilet rolls together on the inside to form a circle and decorate.

Toilet Roll Star Ornaments

Toilet roll star ornament craft, Christmas craft, kids craft

1. Cut a toilet roll into five equal rings.

2. Paint the toilet roll rings inside and out.

3. Tape together the toilet roll rings to form a star shape.

4. Cover in glitter and hang!

Toilet Roll Snowman

Toilet roll snowman craft, Christmas craft, kids craft

1. Cut a toilet roll into three equal rings. Glue together at sides.

2. Stuff the toilet roll rings with cotton batting.

3. Twist pipe cleaners for arms, cut felt for a hat and scarf, mold play clay for a "carrot" nose and glue glittery gems for eyes and buttons.

Handprint Toilet Roll Reindeer

Handprint toilet roll reindeer craft, Christmas craft, kids craft

1. Trace and cut out child's handprints for antlers. Cut two slits in the top of the toilet roll to slide handprints in.

2. Use play clay for the eyes, felt for the nose, and jingle bells for the collar.

Toilet Roll Christmas Trees

Toilet roll Christmas tree craft, Christmas craft, kids craft

1. Colour & decorate a Christmas tree with construction paper, crayons, ribbon, felt, glitter, gems and whatever else you can find in the craft drawer.

2. Cut a toilet roll in half and cut two slits at the top of the roll. Insert the bottom of the tree into the toilet roll base.

Toilet roll Christmas tree craft, kids craft, Christmas craft

1. Cut several toilet rolls into rings. Glue rings together in a pyramid shape to form the tree. 

2. Paint the rings inside and out.

3. Decorate!

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  1. Fantastic ideas. I love the little snowman! We do Santa and his elves out of toilet paper rolls, too.