Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Paper Cup Ornaments - Preschool Christmas Craft

Christmas craft, kids craft, Christmas tree, Christmas ornament
Bead ornament craft
These paper cup Christmas ornaments are a fun, easy craft for little hands. Simple cone-shaped paper cups turned upside-down make an easy Christmas tree shape; let the kids stretch their imaginations with crafting supplies and Christmas decorations to turn them into works of art to hang on your festive family tree!


Wind strands of dollar store beads around the paper cup. Top with a gold bow.

Christmas tree, Christmas ornament, Christmas craft, kids craft
Ribbon ornament craft


Wrap the paper cup in layers of pretty Christmas ribbon and top with a matching bow.

Christmas ornament, Christmas tree, Christmas craft, kids craft
Wrapping paper ornament craft

Wrapping paper...

Wrap the paper cup in festive Christmas wrapping paper and decorate with glitter, gems and a construction paper star.

Christmas craft, kids craft, Christmas ornament, Christmas tree
Macaroni ornament craft


Glue macaroni to cover paper cone. Paint green. Decorate with glitter and gems.

Such a fun holiday craft for little ones!

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