Monday, 25 November 2013

Sparkly snowflake craft

Toilet roll snowflake craft, kids craft, Christmas craft

These toilet roll snowflakes are a simple, fun craft for kids to make and a pretty homemade decoration to hang in a window or on a Christmas tree.

1. Cut four toilet rolls into five equal rings. Pinch rings to form pointed oval shapes.

2. Paint oval rings with metallic silver paint.

3. Glue five painted oval rings together to form a star shape for the centre of the snowflake. Continue to glue rings around the star in concentric circles.

4. Brush entire snowflake with glitter glue and sprinkle with craft glitter.

Toilet roll crafts are fantastic crafts for kids because they are easy, inexpensive (empty toilet rolls are never in short supply in a large family - all you need is the glue, paint, glitter and crafting supplies you probably already have stocked in your craft drawer), and environmentally friendly!

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Toilet roll Christmas wreath craft, Christmas craft, kids craft

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