Monday, 30 December 2013

Let It Snow...

Though I may not be that fond of snow and cold and wind and winter in general, I am rather fond of my kids - who happen to love this time of year. Kids cannot get enough of snow angels, snowmen, snowforts and snowball fights. Kids can play outdoors in the snow for hours on end and are seemingly impervious to the cold.

And there is something special about a day spent in the crisp outdoors, bundled up from head to toe.

Lacing up the skates to circle the pond or hauling the sleds up the highest hill at the park; heading out to hike through the ravine or visit the winter animals at the zoo; playing in the backyard, rolling and wrestling and tumbling through the snow, building and playing and wearing ourselves out, then coming inside with rosy cheeks and matted hair and lungs filled with fresh air to curl up with steaming mugs of hot chocolate and warm our frozen toes by the fire.

Wecome to our Canadian winter!

zoo, winter, Canadian winter, animals, animal photography
wolf, animals, zoo, Canadian winter, winter, animal photography 
Arctic Wolves

animals, zoo, winter, Canadian winter, animal photography
Snowy Owl

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  1. The photography is just beautiful. The white owl takes my breath away!

  2. Thank-you! The animals are much friskier & easier to photograph in the winter.

  3. Some of the pictures on your site are really breathtaking. Do you take them yourself or have a phtographer?

  4. Thank-you so much! I take all the photos myself and I'm learning as I go. My husband is a photographer so I've learned a bit from him, but I don't use the greatest camera so it's hit and miss - some are great, some not so much. I'm glad you enjoy them!

  5. Lovely photographs.