Friday, 27 December 2013

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful (Winter Crafts)

The weather in the weeks leading up to Christmas has been excessively wintery - snowstorm after snowstorm, freezing rain and biting wind and slippery sidewalks and treacherous streets and finally, the weekend before Christmas, the biggest ice storm this city has seen in half a century knocking out half the city's power for a few days.

It's cold. Like, take-your-breath-away, tears-freeze-on-your-eyelashes cold.

But every time there's a light dusting of fresh snow the kids want to go play outside. Which would be absolutely fine if I could just bundle them up and trundle them out the back door into the yard. But for some inexplicable reason they want me to come with them every time.

Every. Single. Time.

I have no idea why. I'm not an awful lot of fun outdoors in the winter - I tend to shiver and whine a lot. But they insist. And most of the time I give in.

But it's one thing to go play in the snow when it's hovering around zero degrees and the sun is shining and the world is blanketed in fluffy white snow perfect for packing into snowballs and snowforts and sledding down hills on. It's quite another when it's twenty-five below and the ground is frozen solid and the wind is biting and sharp little slivers of ice prick your frozen cheeks like a thousand tiny needles.

So I came up with some fun winter crafts to keep the kids occupied indoors on this icy afternoon.

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Marshmallow Snowflakes

Marshmallow Snowflake Craft

Marshmallows, toothpicks and thread are all you need for this simple craft.

Use the toothpicks to form the frame of the snowflake. Use the marshmallows for the toothpick connections. Then use your imagination and as many marshmallows as you can squeeze on to make each snowflake unique!

We hung the finished marshmallows from the window and threaded more marshmallows for falling "snow."

Paper Snowflake Winter Tree Craft

crafts, kids crafts, winter crafts, winter activities
Paper snowflakes

For these winter trees we cut out dozens of paper snowflakes, then threaded them onto a dollar store craft cone.

crafts, kids crafts, winter crafts, winter activities
Paper snowflake tree

And we have our own Winter Wonderland - without having had to set foot outside!

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  1. I'm going to do these marshmallow snowflakes with my first graders this week. They'll be good winter decorations for the classroom!