Friday, 14 February 2014

Family Valentine's Day

heart stamp placemats, hearts and handprints bouquet, Valentine's Day crafts, crafts, kids craftsValentine's Day - like every other holiday or event - is a very family-centred holiday in this house.

The kids and I have been busy for weeks making homemade Valentine cards and Valentine crafts, putting together cards and gifts for their classmates, and decorating our house with hearts.

Every day in February leading up to Valentine's Day I post an "I love you because..." heart on the boys' bedroom doors - a little extra love to warm up these winter morning wake-ups.

Valentine's Day morning they woke up to Valentine chocolates and candies and gifts and a breakfast of heart-shaped pancakes with heart-shaped strawberries.

Valentine's Day heart-shaped pancakes and strawberries, breakfast

school lunches, Valentine's Day foodWe spent the morning at the boys' school for their annual "Snuggle Up and Read" event to celebrate Valentine's Day and Literacy Week - a couple of hours curled up in the gym with pillows and blankets and lots and lots of books.

Their school lunches were filled with heart-shaped jam sandwiches, heart-shaped apple and strawberry slices, heart-shaped sugar cookies and chocolate hearts - and a special Valentine from Mom for a lunchtime surprise.

And later tonight, once the kids are all in bed, hopefully my husband and I will have a few moments alone together for an adults' Valentine's Day celebration to remind ourselves where this family we love so much started.

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  1. I love the heart note on the bedroom door! What a fantastic idea! And the food in the final paragraph looks delicious.

  2. How on earth did you get the pancakesto stay in a heart shape?

    1. I just made the batter a little thicker and poured it into the pan with a smaller spoon so I could control it. They weren't perfect, but pretty cute I think!