Friday, 28 February 2014

Keep it Simple

What Makes You Happy?

Life can get so busy, so complicated, so ferociously competitive and fast-paced and relentlessly progressive that we lose track of what's important. 

Let's step back for a sec, take a deep breath, and try to reevaluate our priorities. 

Keep it simple.

What makes us happy? 

Is it a bigger house? Or the people you share it with? 
A newer car? Or the family field trips you take together? 
A big-screen TV or curling up with the kids and a bowl of popcorn for movie night?
Designer clothes or just feeling good about ourselves?

Things don't make us happy. Things aren't what will put a smile on our faces when we're old and grey. Moments make us happy, and memories make us smile.

Keep it simple, live on less, focus on priorities and realize that life is about love and family and making memories together. Life is not about things - having more things, wanting better things, spending our money and cluttering up our lives with things.

A simplified lifestyle makes the little things more important and priorities clearer.

It is ok to get pleasure from things, too. It's one of the privileges of living in the part of the world we do. Beauty and comfort and luxury bring pleasure to even the most minimalist of us - but often those things that bring us pleasure are not the big things we might think.

What are the things that bring you pleasure? The little things. The things that give you that warm sense of cozy satisfaction deep down inside.

My life is all about my kids, my husband, our family. My happiness comes from spending time with them and the things we do together. What else makes me happy?

Sunshine. Open water. Long drives with good music.
Coffee. Notebooks. Fresh flowers.
Jeans that fit well. Big sunglasses.
My kids' artwork on the wall.
Christmas commercials on TV.
The way June smells.
The sounds of the suburbs on summer evenings.
Old people who look content.

That list does not include a bigger or better home, decor, clothes or car. I don't need to compete with my neighbours or mortgage my future in order to have any of the things on this list.

Simplify. Live on less. Prioritize moments and memories and little things.

Keep it simple.

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  1. The older I get, the more I realize how true this is!! In fact, I'm in the process of getting rid of a LOT of stuff. It's not bringing me or my kids happiness, it's just driving me crazy. :)

  2. So true. Something we could all do with remembering!

  3. I think this is just beautiful.

  4. This is a really nice perspective.

  5. Such a beautiful piece. Straight from the heart. So simple and so true and so easy to lose perspective of.