Friday, 21 February 2014

Olympics at Home!

We have been obsessed with watching the Winter Olympics these last two weeks. I mean, absolutely glued to the television during every broadcast minute, checking for updates on our phones when we're out, sneaking peeks at every screen we pass in case we missed something obsessed.

We watch every second of hockey, obviously - we're Canadian

But we're almost equally as riveted by the skiing, the snowboarding, the speed skating, the figure skating, the bobsledding, the luge. We've even made a valiant effort to watch curling - roughly the equivalent, entertainment-value-wise, of watching paint dry. The kids absolutely cannot get enough of watching these athletes perform and keeping track of scores and standings and medals and cheering for our country. It's awesome.

hockey, winter activities, kids, sports, Olympics at home

So I thought, why not have our own little Olympics at home?

tabletop shuffleboard, winter activities, Olympics at home, kids, sports

sledding, winter activities, kids, Olympics at home, sports
"Two-Man Luge"

A Canadian flag hung over the tv in the living room to show our Canadian pride and a homemade construction paper Olympic ring chain.

Celebrating the Olympics in style!

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  1. What a cute idea! I'm surprised you didn't do a podium lol. You do go all out for projects for your kids!